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Hire an App Developer or Hire a Company?

A website is the face of a company that shows up to users on the internet and is one of the critical deciding factors for their success. It is for the same reason that firms search out for an efficient, trustworthy and reliable web development firm or developers for developing their business applications. Let’s check the benefits of both in this blog and find out what suits the needs of our project at different stages.

Technology changes every day and businesses must remain agile and responsive in order to stay relevant. This is easier said than done, especially for busy departments that are already stretched and just don’t have the resources to keep up. That’s where professional development companies become invaluable.

Through time businesses have evolved and put their firm faith in offshore companies. This firm belief and recognition have induced them to seek the services of committed developers from areas aside from their own country.

Outsourcing is a superb choice especially with companies that have years of expertise in mobile application and website development.

A development company can manage the entire development process/ services ranging from website design, web app development, data integration, security, API integrations, custom software development, and more.

Many companies are willing to do as little or as much as you need to get the job done, working with your own internal team to ensure the site corresponds to your needs and brand.

But, in equally as many cases there are businesses that partner with development firms to take the entire process off their hands so that the business can focus its resources on its core services.

No matter which end of the spectrum you belong to, a professional development company or app developers both offer plenty of benefits to the business as per the requirement at that time. Let’s check the details for both:

Hire App Developers

Hire an app developer

Whether you are looking to build a mobile application or you work in an app development company and need an extra workforce to lighten your workload, there are numerous advantages that encourage outsourcing.

But we can also run into some risks that we might not be willing to take to develop our mobile application.

Marketing a business on the web is the need of the hour and the rising popularity of internet marketing has made it convenient to allow the businesses to showcase their presence amongst their targeted audiences. With the help of hire web developer services, it has become easier for businesses to create websites that have an eye-catching appeal and an alluring functionality.

Benefits of Hiring App Developers

Benefits of hiring app developers

The advantages of outsourcing app development depend on your standing regarding apps. If you have no experience in application development and no related training –i.e. if you just have an idea to create an app and want to execute it out– outsourcing to app developers is the best option.

Remember that the kind of development team or an app developer you need to hire totally depends on the requirement of the project.

However, both cases share common advantages:

Performance & Speed

A proficient web developer makes sure to design websites with increased performance and speed. The experience and commitment they have towards the project help them in coding a responsive and W3C compliant website. The expert abilities also offer quick turnaround time along with the low cost of hiring and efficient deliverables.

Good Branding

An efficient and trained web developer understands the marketing tactics by creating a design and logo that differentiates it from the other competitors. They focus strictly on the originality to brand a business so that it stands out in the crowd.

Consistency in Design

Hiring a web developer helps you establish a high level of consistency within your brand via web design. They help you understand the need to stand apart from the crowd while still meeting the expectations of industry and niche areas.

Multiple Platforms

A professional team delivers knowledge and experience across various platforms and also uses them while working on your project to make it attractive, responsive and useful.

Let’s check 5 of the biggest benefits of hiring a development company:

Hire app developers

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Development Company

Save Time. If you don’t have the in-house resources or skill set to manage a development project for yourself, you’re inevitably going to spend more time managing the process. A development company does this kind of work every day so they have the skills, resources, and expertise for executing such projects quickly. In short, they have everything you lack which makes the entire process faster with a better end result than if you tried to fight your way through it on your own.

Save Money– If you’re devoting large chunks of time on the development and its costing you hugely, you may be losing out on possible revenue when your team focuses on development. An experienced development company helps you get it done quickly and more efficiently and you don’t have to go back and re-work things in a panic. Finally, when you consider payroll and benefits costs, technical resources and software, IT and network needs, it’s almost always going to be less expensive in the long run to work with an external development team than to manage the process internally.

Ideate Better– When you are immersed in design and development every day you learn what works and what doesn’t, what is worth devoting resources to and what isn’t, and what trends are past and which ones are on the horizon. Developers that have worked on a variety of projects and have seen it all and can take that knowledge and apply it to your project. Internal teams just don’t have this same kind of access to ideas and possibilities. If you want to leverage the latest technology and ensure your site is optimized for the very many different types of devices that your customers will be using to access it, you need the expert insights and advice of a professional development company.

Get Experience of a Full Team-There is more to development than graphics and a professional development firm has an entire team at your disposal to ensure each piece is done correctly. You’ll receive Front End services (how the site or program looks), Back End expertise (the coding and tech that ensures the site operates as intended), Team Leads (your point person for questions and answers), Quality Assurance (testing, testing and more testing to make sure there are no snafus.) and more. The point is, a development company has all of these professionals on staff and ready to assist in making your project the best it can be.

App developers

Stay Abreast With Industry Trends- When trends change, can your internal team adapt? Most businesses would answer “No.” Development companies come very handy at such stages and deliver the result by taking ownership for updations too. And, it’s their job to stay abreast with industry trends and apply those trends to client websites.

For professionally designed sites, applications and software that work as intended and meet your budget constraints, a professional development company is a sound investment. And this exposure of working with a development company keeps your organization on the cutting-edge with the latest trends.

Hire app


  • No matter what kind of business you are running, hiring proficient web developers can result in potentially higher conversions.
  •  Hiring the right expert developer for your business requires a little investigation. Therefore, businesses need to understand their ideas and then look for a developer who can help attain it easily.

To sum up, there is no reason for you to limit the talent pool to a particular area. There is a wide range of tools available that assist you in collaborating with your remote workers for better communication. You can take advantage of these kinds of technology and enjoy these advantages of hiring remote programmers.

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Ensure Better Employee Productivity At Office

In this digital day and age, mobile applications have turned out to be a true blessing for the working professionals in managing our work schedules, keeping a tab on our health parameters and managing our tight workout schedules.

These Applications boost the productivity of the employees and help to maintain a stress-free work-life balance. Mobile applications are a true savior to combat stress-related issues and providing quick information in just a few seconds. In addition, they keep us connected to the people around the globe at the touch of our fingertips.

Truly, life is much easier and planned because of the mobile applications around!!.

Apparently, techniques and strategies aren’t enough, if one doesn’t have the required tools. Today, we have certain applications that ease our work and eventually boost employee productivity due to the ease of navigation to manoeuver around various devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones and work remotely too.

Presenting a List of important applications that would ensure increased employee productivity and better work-life balance at the workplace :



This helpful app is one of the most user-friendly mobile apps for workers because it opens up a communication line between supervisors and subordinates as well as through teams. The software enables managers to set up weekly check-ins with workers and has a feature that allows employees to ask questions or ask supervisors for clarity.

It is an intelligent way to increase employee engagement and productivity. 15Five benefitted at many platforms and to match up with the fast-paced environment every time is the best quality of this. The app helps everyone get the recognition they deserve for a well- done job, thus helping managers identify areas where better performance could be coached.


Slack is way more organized than any other app. Basically it is a messaging app that has every quality, it is faster, organized and it offers a variety of integration than any other messaging app. Every office should have Slack in their systems.

Slack is divided into threads that are specific to a particular subject, allowing you to start a conversation while you’re on the job. Link files, mark friends, build checklists and more on a particular channel. It boosts productivity in real true sense.


This app is really beneficial as it handles all your social media in one place. It is a platform that manages social media. It was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Specific integrations can be found through the App Directory of Hootsuite, including Twitter, Storify, Tumblr, and Marketo.

Larger organizations, with multiple users, teams, and places, should handle full-blown social campaigns. While it can help larger companies manage their social media staff better, it can also help new startups that can not afford to hire a full-time dedicated social media manager to run campaigns properly.


An app made for teams across multiple jobs, Skedulo is the answer to the 5W question: who, what, where, why and when? This workplace app provides managers with a job description to schedule their employees at a specific time and worksite. The change is applied to all on the team so that each task is organized properly.

Job data can also be exported or used in combination with other devices with features such as maps and calendars built-in. In addition, data capture features within the software allow workers to monitor the job as it is completed for record-keeping and transparency purposes.


Proper money management is crucial, whether you save for an upcoming cost personally or a Fortune 500 corporation that manages a vast number of people and assets. For Mint, once you log into your account, you can get a quick snapshot of your financial situation.  


Wunderlist is so much more than just a list of tasks, an award-winning to-do list app. Employees may build tasks complete with explanations and images, then delegate them as they are being worked on or track their progress. Work together on individual projects or combined projects through teams and always know the progress through real-time alerts.

Wunderlist is like a lifesaving jacket for workers who have a lot of running activities to keep track of or neglect the smaller details. Tasks can be programmed to be repeated or repeated and archived for each completed task. This is an app that values transparency and recordkeeping as much as functionality.


Expenditure issues often occur and are usually accompanied by a tedious process of reporting. Expensify is a must-have mobile app for real-time tracking and cataloging of expenditures. When making a purchase, an employee simply enters the nature of the purchase, the quantity, and any other relevant information.

Then with their smartphone, they can take a picture of the receipt. Expenses for processing and reimbursement can then be exported individually or in bulk. This app reduces headaches and pitfalls with cost reporting and minimizes processing time for faster reimbursement.


As I mentioned earlier, remote work is popular among startups, and even large established companies turn positions into remote-jobs, enabling their employees to work from home. GoToMeeting helps you to hold high-quality video meetings, share your screen— laptop or iPad— with your friends, and document the whole meeting to share with those who couldn’t do it.

Not only is this tool great for internal use by organizations, but it can also be used to conduct webinars to generate leads or to offer demonstrations to potential customers. The traditional conference call days are long gone — the new standard is video conferencing.


Processes and practices have been defined by each company. However, they do not have documentation on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Zendesk serves as a portal for all the Q&A needs and SOP documents of your client. If someone has a question, you can direct them to Zendesk where they have already archived the answer. And if it’s a brand-new request, an entry for future reference can be easily created.

Zendesk has the added bonus of being a piece of software that is both internal and customer-facing. Use it as a workplace app for your daily operations or create a tool that can be referenced by your customers to streamline customer service.


You’ve probably heard many times about the value of content marketing. In reality, you are likely to regularly publish content on your blog— but do you know if it works? How does your audience respond to your content? Which sort of ROI is the return of your content marketing? Parsely is a tool for you to answer these questions.

If you can quickly identify marketing strategies that work to broaden your digital reach, you can spend more time creating more content and less time trying to shoot out what works and what isn’t. Focusing all of your content production on tested working techniques means you’re going to see a higher ROI from your campaign.


In its online apps, Evernote still shines. Notes can be attached to pictures and video, converted into checklists, marked and annotated, or stitched for comprehensive knowledge together. Evernote makes it easy to keep track of data for personal or group use.

Note-taking is an undervalued skill that greatly benefits anyone on the job. While monitoring the discussion in a meeting or listing ideas for a project, Evernote continues to be the pioneer in taking note of workplace applications. And, being able to use it is so easy that it can easily become an integrated part of any office workplace.


Business cards are still used in the business world but it is difficult to keep them handy all the time. If you’re in sales or networking, the Rolodex of your old school is probably chocked-full of cards. Camcard is used to digitize cards that will remain as a backup in your cloud. You just need to click the picture and the software pulls out all the details by creating a Rolodex with pictures of the card.

CamCard takes the stress from trying to remember contacts and is great for on-the-go workers who need to get in touch with their network at any time. Even with a fingertip, the app allows you to make phone calls, send emails or access the social media of your contact.


Workplace apps (just like workplace management software) are becoming increasingly integrated into everyday business operations with smart technology always in our pockets. And that’s why! The right app in the right hands can greatly enhance your ability to get the job done quickly and properly. Moreover, it would keep things more organized and you will be easily accessible to everything. Apps make our life so easier and it will really help you to be more productive in office hours or if you have a business then it would be beneficial for you as well. Sales representatives don’t have to wait to get updates or enter reports in the database to the office anymore.

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Adobe XD vs Sketch- Designer’s First Choice?

” Design at the speed of light “

Adobe XD’s tagline says it all. XD is made for designers, creative teams and organizations that need to design at scale. It’s everything( Wireframe, design, prototype, present and share amazing experiences for web, mobile, voice etc) you need to work more efficiently, collaborate effortlessly, and create and manage your design system.

“The best products start with Sketch”

Sketch offers you to create, prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design. With sketch’s smart Layout you can create responsive, reusable components that automatically resize to fit your content.

UI/UX designers were and are highly in demand, 2019 is no exception. So which tool designers prefer for enhancing their designing? we will conclude it with a healthy comparison. Let see which one is the most prominent tool among the two of them. Yes, we are talking about Adobe XD and Sketch, both have immensely contributed to delivering the ultimate user experience. Though they both have the same objectives but have different ways. Let’s shed some light on how differently they work and which one is the designer’s first choice.

Adobe XD ( Adobe Experience Design)

“Adobe XD” developed and published by Adobe Inc. XD is a vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile apps, available for macOS and Windows. There are versions for iOS and Android as well that help to preview the result of work directly on mobile devices. XD also support website wireframing and creating simple interactive click-through prototypes. With the character and layout tools of Adobe XD, Elements can be easily created and the individual objects can be exported.

Note:- A beta of Adobe XD was released for Windows 10 on December 13, 2016. On October 18, 2017, Adobe announced that Adobe XD was out of beta.

XD is a lot more intuitive and easier to use than other Adobe applications. This facilitates a great introduction and creates a good user experience right from the start. The Adobe Design Library Manager makes the workflow of creating design assets seamless.

Adobe XD: Most Liked Features

“Through integrations with Creative Cloud we can make our customers happier and more productive by connecting them seamlessly to all the services they use, and an endless supply of tools that extend our applications in powerful and custom ways.”

-Vijay Vachani, Director, Head of Partner Platform & Ecosystem, Adobe Creative Cloud.

The beauty of Adobe XD is its learning curve that is light and occurs mostly around a more complex design system and symbol overrides. XD handles complex design systems and symbol libraries. It also features intuitive tools for easily connecting screens and creating interactive prototypes that can be utilized in user testing without the need for code. Its auto-animate function makes prototyping rich interactions even easier by automatically animating micro-interactions.

“Adobe XD benefits include the wide-availability of plugins and add-ons.”

The Interface

The interface is kept relatively simple and looks a bit like Sketch, with the toolbar that is aligned at the side, as well as the large artboard area.

Testing On Mobile Devices

With Adobe Experience Design, Interactive designs can also be displayed on a smartphone or tablet. You can view the prototype on different devices and easily share it with your team and customers.

Designing With The Repeat Grid

Elements can be selected and repeated as needed using the new repeat grid. The changes are applied to all areas.

New Animations

With Adobe XD, you can experiment with new types of transitions on the design. The two options are “no transitions” or “move into“.

Quick Drag & Drop

Here you can insert pictures directly from the Finder by simply drag and drop. Xd will automatically create an image mask. Pictures can also be imported comfortably via copy and paste. This also works for vector graphics and can be edited in Adobe XD as well.

Overview of Adobe XD Benefits

Target Audience

You can immediately notice that the product is indeed intended for interface designers. For example, the Repeat Grid tool is amazing, it allows you to create content grids such as post lists, inventory catalogs, and user tables, very quickly.


XD is fully integrated with other Adobe’s products, so you can quickly copy assets from photoshop or illustrator and then paste them into Experience Design.

Content Recognition

It feels like XD recognizes the type of content you are trying to drag-and-drop in it. For instance, if you drag-and-drop an image from Finder on to the required object in Experience Design, the app will automatically make an image mask for this object.

Prototype Mode

“The auto-animation tool used in an Adobe XD prototype”

You can notice that connecting screens is done much easier in XD than in InvisionApp. With Invision you are forced to choose them from long lists. You can also set parameters for each transition between screens to define its type, duration, and dynamics.

Prototype preview

XD allows sharing prototypes by uploading them to Adobe servers so that you could then get a link and send it to, say, a client for demonstration.

Adobe XD: Flaws

  • Lack of layer panel
    In XD if your screens are overloaded with elements, you may find it hard to reorganize existing objects.

  • Limited tools for creating new graphics
    It doesn’t look that important after considering the fact that you can import existing assets from Photoshop and illustrator.

  • Absence of styles and symbols
    These are highly effective in Sketch.

  • Low layer effects
    You will barely find any layer effects Drop Shadow. Which again is a minus if compared to sketch.

Adobe XD: Price

Adobe XD is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which gives you access to over 20 apps like photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc for $ 50 per month. It’s hard to separate the price specifically for that product. In May 2018 Adobe announced a starter plan that allows the use of Adobe XD for free. It’s limited to only one active project.

Note:- During the Adobe MAX conference, there were several important announcements around plugins, UI kits, and app integrations to expand Adobe XD’s utility. $10 million Design Fund for this exact purpose proves the importance of supporting plugins and incentivizing developers to create them. 

Designers working with a variety of companies and on different projects will most likely need a spectrum of problem-solving skills. A broader design toolbox can be a big advantage. Adobe XD is fast, free, and easy to learn. There is nothing lost in taking the plunge and expanding your versatility.

Sketch ( The Digital Design Toolkit)

Sketch is primarily used for designing UI and UX of mobile apps and web. The files designed in sketch are saved with its own extension .sketch file format. You can also save these images in popular extensions like PNG, JPG, TIFF, WebP, etc. The designs created in Sketch are utilized by app engineers to design mobile apps and by websites developers, to design websites.

“The idea of the founder was to produce a simple drawing application to support his income while studying, which became widely adopted by designers.”

Sketch was previously sold through the app store but in December 2015 developers pulled the app from the store and instead sold it through their own website. On 8 June 2016, Bohemian coding announced on their blog that they were switching to a new licensing system for Sketch.

Sketch: Most liked Features

Non Destructive Editing

There were days when an image is destroyed for good once a change is made to the original data. With Sketch, digital artists can apply any modifications to their image and still revert to the original or previous iteration when they need to.

Exporting Feature

Sketch is not limited to its own functions, it enables designers to further refine or use their creations in other applications by letting them export codes and presets.

Grids & Guides

The designer can be particular with object alignment. This is why the application comes with grids and guides that lets users place and move objects around with precision.

Reusable Elements

Sketch comes with Symbols, It’s a feature that allows users to create icons, avatars, and other design elements and save them for future use. So they do not have to repeatedly create these elements on other sections of their design and still customize them as they wish.

Collaborative Platform

Sketch allows for the collaboration of teammates. It does this with its Libraries, where designers can share their symbols and use the elements uploaded by others for their own tasks. It allows everyone to stay updated regarding the progress of projects.

Community Support

With Sketch, users can do away with long emails and delayed support. They can easily post their concerns on Sketch Cloud and receive immediate feedback regarding their concern.

Overview of Sketch Benefits

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Simple Yet Effective

One of the greatest benefits of Sketch is its simplicity, it is easy to use and easy to pick up the basics. Its refreshing just how it is to navigate even for newcomers.

Powerful Tool

Powerful and effective tool for general layout and vector drawing. So it’s a relief to have something like Sketch to not only save time, but also stress and, most importantly, money.

Multiple- Resolution Assets

Sharing and exporting multiple-resolution assets is incredibly simple. The ability to re-use elements with ease, again and again, means that you can save hours of your working time as a designer.


Superb integration with other apps and plugins. Sketch isn’t a standalone app that requires extensive procedures to bring all your work together, it facilitates almost seamless integration with the likes of Principle, Framer, and Marvel.


Layouts and vector drawings are as powerful and simple as they should be, so it’s a pleasure to get stuck into, even if you want to spend more time experimenting.


It’s a wonder Sketch is so cheap at a one-off payment of $99 (including free updates for a year). It’s certainly saved me more than that on my projects.

Sketch: Flaws

  • Quite buggy:-
    Sketch does have its downfalls. One of the most infuriating is its susceptibility to bugs and glitches.

  • Unexpected Crashes:-
    Even after updating to the latest version, you will experience unexpected crashes with the app and its associated plugins.

  • It’s Mac-only:-
    At the moment, it’s only developed and updated exclusively for Mac users.

  • Difficult to use with a Wacom tablet:-
    It’d also be great to see it expand its reach and usability on the Wacom tablet, too. It’s currently quite difficult to use due to the panning issues and generally convoluted experience.

Sketch: Price

Sketch offers a single enterprise pricing plan for all users. Here are the details:

Mac- $99/one-time payment

  • One Year Free Updates
  • Mirror App
  • One Year Free Sketch Cloud
  • License Management

Licenses are renewable and extendable to accommodate more users. Students, teachers, and staff can avail of a 50% discount. Academic institutions can acquire the application at no cost.

Adobe XD vs Sketch: Designers Preference?

Designers these days are expected to have a mix of both creativity and digitization, in their designs. The designer can achieve this objective with good design tool. Staying with UX and UI design, we have seen Adobe XD and Sketch grow up as the most preferred though Adobe XD is relatively new while UX sketch has been around for a while.

  • When compared to Sketch, Ui designer may not find too many changes in the first look of Adobe XD.

  • Adobe did not adopt the darker buttons and menus, Adobe comes with taller layer panels and properties, to the right side of screens, as seen in Sketch.

  • Adobe is considered to have a slightly more user-friendly approach and is quite easy to learn and understand.

  • Repeat Grid is one of the unique features of Adobe XD, This feature saves a lot of time for the designers when you have to design pages or screens with lists of repeating elements.

  • Adobe provides the facility for generating interactive prototypes through its vector drawing ability which can be easily shared across the web. However, Sketch would require the services of plugins to perform this activity.

  • Adobe included the Assets panel, a way to bring together an interactive style guide with colors, character styles, and symbols. Sketch also has a color variables, characters styles, and symbols, and everything, but each one contained in their own panel.

  • Responsive Design, a highlight feature of Adobe XD is soon to be introduced feature in Sketch, for a native app.

  • Both Sketch and Adobe XD support common file extensions while exporting and importing files. Comparatively, Adobe XD supports files with extensions PNG, SVG, and PDF while exporting files and JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and SVG, while importing files.

  • Both Sketch, as well as Adobe XD, extends offline support to designers.

  • Supportive tools like Sketch and Adobe XD also support the use of symbols. While Sketch supports the use of reusable symbols with responsive resizing, Adobe XD supports only basic symbols with no responsive resizing facility.

  • While Sketch works well only on MAC Platforms, Adobe XD works fine with MAC as well as Windows 10 platforms.

The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.

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Learn API Inside Out

“An Application Program Interface(API) that provides a developer with programmatic access to a proprietary software application. A software intermidieary that makes it possible for appilication programs to interact with each other and share data.”

What Is An API ?

So API is a communication protocol between the client and the server that simplifies the building of client-side software. It has been described as a “contract” , such that if the client makes a request in a specific format, it will always get a response in a specific format or initiate a defined action.

API can be for a web-based system, operating system, database system, computer hardware, or software library. An API specification can take many forms, sometimes it includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, variables, or remote calls. APIs are implemented by function calls that are composed of verbs and nouns. The required syntax is described in the documentation of the application being called. API improves the customer experience as it provides greater functionality and scope of services within a single application or other digital elements.

“An API is a very useful mechanism that allows two pieces of software to exchange data and messages in a standard format. Thus it become an instrument to search for new revenue streams. Open the doors to talent, or automate processes in an innovativeway.”

API: A Data Revolution

  • Effortless Integration
    Allows partners and customers to access your systems in a stable and secure way.
  • Cloud Computing
    APIs are needed for both the initial migration and integration with other systems.
  • Competitive Market
    The market is now so competitive that a company’s success may depend on how usable their API is.
  • Mobile phones
    Devices embedded with sensors fit the service-based structure of APIs perfectly.
  • Flexibility
    APIs allow you to quickly leverage and use your desired services. This lowers risks and allows for greater innovation.
  • Proven Success
    Companies that adopted an API first strategy caused the disruption of entire sectors.

Types Of API: Pick The Right

Software providers may use one of several API types, depending on their preferences and the functionality they are offering. As its good to know all about the path you choose here are the possible integration and development between different software platforms.


REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a most common API category that is not dependent on a specific protocol. It offers a flexible integration option that makes developers able to achieve their goals by using a standardized set of processes to achieve their goals. It provides a straightforward architectural style and streamlines the connection between the client and the server. REST is considered a relatively user-friendly API to work with, and many developers are experienced in this technology.


SOAP, or Simple Object Access Protocol, is an API that connects different platforms together through HTML and XML. The structure and requirements for SOAP are more rigid than REST, and it’s defined by a specific protocol. Web applications have started moving away from this older traditional type. It is hard to implement flexible integration here. However, this structure does allow for more stringent security measures and includes stateful operations without custom coding.


ASP.NET is a specific form of a REST API .NET technology. The main benefit of using this type is the structured framework that’s in place. If you are working with windows-based technology, you can send HTTP protocol messages to a variety of platforms. Dot NET framework is lightweight and easy to work with, which can speed up development time and add flexibility to your third party integration.

API Lifecycle: 4 Stages

API’s lifecycle basically summarizes the whole lifespan, right from initial conception, to deprecation and final retirement. APIs’ lifecycle varies with its core functionality and the nature of software or business. Let’s analyze the four stages of the API lifecycle.

API Panning, Design, Analysis

This stage is generally called the API Requirement Definition stage. In this stage, providers need to determine a definition in which they have to give the reason for creating a new API, the objective that it will achieve, and the overall business strategy that will be implemented. It has to be analyzed whether creating an API would indeed solve the existing requirements. And after its establishment, the purposes of the API are to evolve with the overall organizational objectives.

At this stage some points have to be decided:-
1) API growth model
2) Projection/Predictions of usage
3) Mission statement(s)
4) Expected returns from the API
5) API marketing and promotional methods to be adopted.

Once these have been decided another extremely important element is, finalizing the type of API to create.
1) Public APIs
2) Private APIs
3) Partner APIs

API Development And Integration

API providers must understand the exact technical requirements and capabilities of the program interface. The API hosting tools and management methodology, an understanding of the protocols to be used is important. Developers need to be aware of all the operations as well, the security features, access control options and the quality of end-user-experience the API will provide. The scalability and the size of APIs are also the points to considerate.

There are many API development frameworks, depending on the programming language used by developers. Here are a few of them:-

a) Sinatra and Grape (for Ruby)
b) and JAX-RS (for Java)
c) Slim (for PHP)
d) Restify and Express.js (for Node.js)
e) Django and Flask Web (for Python)

Note: AppNow is also an often-used tool for API prototyping, data model specification and deployment, and demonstrations. Deployment with AppNow (with CRUD RESTful API and AngularJS) can be tested with the Swagger tool.

Versioning is one of the most important parts of this stage. Versioning is important to keep things systematic.
It included:-
i) API designing (ensuring both human-usability as well as machine-readability)
ii) API construction
iii) API security (through access control tools)
iv) API testing

The rate limit is a common security strategy for APIs. These put an upper limit on the total number of network requests within a time period. As API lifecycle is iterative, it is easy to go back to the Analysis stage at any time and make changes, as and when required.

API Operations and Management

By the end of Stage 2, a two-way connection between the API backend and corresponding website or mobile app has been established. In this stage, an intermediate layer- API management is created and inserted between the two, to boost API intelligence and performance levels.

Systematic API management helps in:-
a) Making the user-behavior more predictable.
b) Monitoring key API analytics to increase performance.
c) Establishing API monetization scheme.
d) Securing the API endpoints.

One of the biggest inclusion in the third stage of the lifecycle is API testing and bug fixing. This makes the interfaces smoother and glitch-free. Initial user-opinions and feedback also need to be collected and analyzed.

Note: API documentation, initiated in the previous stage, has to be regularly updated and maintained during the Operations stage. All the changes made in the structure of the API should be recorded in the documentation / changelog / release notes.

In API Management layer, developers have to work with 2 separate URLs:

a) The first URL exists between the application/website (final product) and the management tab. It is published and is viewable to everyone who has authorized access to the interface.
b) The second URL exists between the management tab and the API. This one remains private and is not accessible to any third-party entity.

There are some features and solutions that any standard API management platform should offer. These include the API contracts, the security, and access controls, the documentation, developer portal access, analytics and usage, and of course, all billing-related information.

API Engagement, Adoption, and Retirement

There are 2 major components in any campaign to drive up the engagement/ adoption rates of an API:
1) Boosting its discoverability and usability. Users should be able to find the API easily, and not run into any problem while working with the software.
2) Creating interesting use-cases to highlight the utility of the API to app/web developers. Delivering top-notch developer-experience(DX) is always of the essence.

API developer program typically has the following:

a) Developer portal (the main point of the entrance within the API)
b) API Evangelists (for online and offline promotion of APIs)
c) Pilot partners (for collecting feedback and suggestions)
d) Outreach acceleration with partners (for increasing the reach of API-related messages, with the help of partner organizations)
e) Community development (for selecting the right web and social media channels to promote APIs)

Note: Creating a scheme to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns should also be a part of an exhaustive API Developer Program. All partners should be leveraged properly, to maximize the outreach of the API in existing markets.

Retiring an API is pretty much like discontinuing any piece of software. It happens when the usage metrics start to go down steadily, there is little or no innovation on the part of app developers, and/or a mismatch of revenue-related objectives. 

API design: Does It Matter?

Building APIs is hard and should be very careful with your APIs. An API can be your best asset but also your biggest liability. A bad user experience while consuming your APIs will lead you to endless support calls and a bad reputation as well. This all could make your service unreliable. So it’s important to plan before implementing your API. This is where you design and apply RESTful API description formats like the OpenAPI Specifications and API Blueprint.

  • Defining API design
    API design involves a lot more than the way you write normal code. Designing an API means providing an effective interface that helps your API’s consumers better understand, use and integrate with them while helping you maintain it effectively. API design should have:-
    a) The structure of resources
    b) The documentation of resources

  • Helps in Better implementation
    An API’s design is a blueprint on what your API wants to achieve and gives a brief overview of all the endpoints and CRUD operations associated with each of them. An effective API design can greatly help in implementation and prevent complicated configurations.

  • Incremental development
    API development is a continuous process. As your products and services evolve, so should your API. Having a clear design helps your organization and team know exactly which resource, or sub-resources, would need to be updated and preventing confusion. A well-designed API can prevent repeating work and help developers know exactly which resources would need to be updated and which ones should be retired. 

  • Better Documentation
    Documentation is crucial for building the interface that lets your API be consumed. In many cases, comprehensive documentation is done only after the API’s resources and response-request cycles are mapped out. A solid initial structure makes documenting the API faster and less error-prone.

  • Improves Developer Experience
    A good API design makes the life of the end developer easy. It’s quick to understand with all the resources well organized, fun to interact with and easy to look, so the people who consume your API have a smooth experience working with it.

How An API Works

How are APIs work in the real world?  Let’s look at this example of booking a flight.

When you search for flights online, you have a menu of options to choose from. You choose a departure city and date, a return city and date, cabin class, and other variables like your meal, your seat, or baggage requests.

To book your flight, you need to interact with the airline’s website to access the airline’s database to see if any seats are available on those dates, and what the cost might be based on the date, flight time, route popularity, etc.

You need access to that information from the airline’s database, whether you’re interacting with it from the website or an online travel service that fetches information from multiple airlines. Alternatively, you might be accessing the information from a mobile phone. In any case, you need to get the information, and so the application must interact with the airline’s API, giving it access to the airline’s data.

The API is the interface that, runs and delivers the data from the application you’re using to the airline’s systems over the Internet. It also then takes the airline’s response to your request and delivers right back to the travel application you’re using. Moreover, through each step of the process, it facilitates the interaction between the application and the airline’s systems – from seat selection to payment and booking.

APIs do the same for all interactions between applications, data, and devices. They allow the transmission of data from the system to the system, creating connectivity. APIs provide a standard way of accessing any application data, or device, whether it’s accessing cloud applications like Salesforce, or shopping from your mobile phone.

Most Popular APIs

  • Google Maps API:- Developers embed Google Maps on webpages using a JavaScript or Flash interface. Google Maps API is designed to work on mobile devices and desktop browsers.

  • YouTube APIs:- Google’s APIs let developers integrate YouTube videos and functionality into websites or applications. YouTube APIs include the YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Data API, YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Player APIs, and others.

  • Flicker API:- The Flicker API is used by developers to access the Flick photo sharing community data. The Flickr API consists of a set of callable methods and some API endpoints.

  • Twitter APIs:- Twitter offers two APIs. The REST API allows developers to access core Twitter data and the Search API provides methods for developers to interact with Twitter Search and trends data.

  • Amazon Product Advertising API:- Amazon’s Product Advertising API gives developers access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality to advertise Amazon products to monetize a website.
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MySQL 5.5: World’s Most Popular Opensource Database

MySQL is a fast, easy to use relational database. It is currently the most popular open-source database. It is commonly used in conjunction with PHP scripts to create powerful and dynamic server-side applications.

MySQL is used for many small and big businesses. It is developed, marketed and supported by MySQL AB, a Swedish company. It is written in C and C++.

This language is sporting a barrier of entry low enough to attract novice developers yet strong enough to power some of the world’s most popular websites, among them Yahoo!, BBC News, the US Census Bureau, and Craigslist.

This reference is created to help you quickly navigate some of MySQL’s most popular features. Covering topics such as configuration, administration software, backup procedures, SQL features, and user management, this reference will serve as a handy desk for countless projects to come.

Reasons For Popularity

MySQL became so popular because of these following reasons:

  • MySQL is an open-source database so you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it.
  • MySQL is a very powerful program so it can handle a large set of functionalities of the most expensive and powerful database packages.
  • MySQL is customizable because it is an open-source database and the open-source GPL license facilities, programmers, to modify the SQL software according to their own specific environment.
  • MySQL is quicker than other databases so it can work well even with the large data set.
  • MySQL supports many operating systems with many languages like PHP, PERL, C, C++, JAVA, etc.
  • MySQL uses a standard form of the well-known SQL data language.
  • MySQL is very friendly with PHP, the most popular language for web development.


MySQL supports over 260 configuration parameters, capable of controlling behavior regarding memory, logging error reporting and much more. While it’s possible to tweak these parameters by passing them as flags when starting the MySQL server, typically you’ll want to ensure they’re always set at server startup, done by adding them to my.cnf file.

my.cnf File

my.cnf file’s range of impact on the MySQL server is location-dependent:

my.cnf File Synatax

my.cnf file is a text file broken into several sections. Each section defines the context of the parameters defined within, the context being specific to a particular MySQL client. For example:

# All clients
port = 3306
# The mysql client
# The mysqldump client

Viewing Configuration Parameters

You can view MySQL’s configuration parameters and their current values using one of the following commands:

From the mysqladmin client:

%>mysqladmin -u root -p variables

From inside the MySQL client:


You can find a specific parameter using the LIKE operator :


Storage Engines

How to install MySQL

Download MySQL

Follow these steps:-

Step 1– Go to MySQL official website

Step 2- Choose the version number for MySQL community server which you want.

Installing MySQL on Windows

Your downloaded MySQL is neatly packaged with an installer. Download the installer package, unzip it anywhere and run setup.exe.

By default, this process will install everything under C:\mysql.

Verify MySQL installation

Once MySQL has been successfully installed, the base tables have been initialized, and the server has been started, you can verify its working via some simple tests.

Open your MySQL Command Line Client, it should appear with a mysql> prompt. If you have set any password, write your password here. Now, you are connected to the MySQL server and you can execute all the SQL command at mysql> prompt as follows:

Data Types

MySQL supports a rich set of data types capable of representing nearly every conceivable data formate, ranging across dates and times, currency, strings, integers, and floats. This section defines each type and its respective range.

Date and Time Types

Note:- MySQL is fairly flexible in terms of how it accepts date and time type values. For instance, DATE, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP will all accept ‘2008-09-02’, ‘2008/09/02’, and ‘2008*09*02’ as valid date values.

Numeric Types

String Types

Popular Administration Services

Web frameworks help the programmer to embrace best practices, simultaneously decreasing errors and eliminating redundant code. If you haven’t yet settled upon a framework, consider checking out one or several of the following popular solutions:-

MySQL’s Clients

MySQL is bundled with quite a few clients capable of doing everything from performing backups, managing the MySQL server, converting table formats, and stress-testing the database. In this section, I’ll briefly introduce the most commonly used clients.

Key Administration Task

Logging into MySQL server
To login into the MySQL server using the MySQL client, you’ll typically provide your MySQL username and password:-

%>mysql -u username -p
Enter password: *****
Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 2
Server version: 5.1.22-rc-community MySQL Community
Server (GPL)

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear
the buffer.

Once you’re logged in, you can select a database or begin carrying out other administrative tasks. To save some time you can pass the desired database along on the command line when logging in:

%>mysql -u username -p database_name

If you are connecting to a remote database, pass the hostname or IP address along using the -h option:-

%>mysql -h hostname -u username -p database_name

To log out of the MySQL server, use quit or the \q flag:-


Modify the MySQL Prompt

MySQL’s default prompt is enough to remind you are currently logged into MySQL rather than into an operating system shell. However, like most shells, you can modify MySQL’s prompt to your liking. For instance, when logged into the MySQL client execute the following command to change your prompt to MySQL (user@host)

mysql>prompt mysql (\U)>
mysql (root@localhost)>



Managing Users

MySQL is packaged with a powerful security model, capable of controlling practically every conceivable user action, ranging from which commands can execute to how many queries can execute in an hour. This model works in a two-step sequence:

Although covering the nuances surrounding MySQL’s privilege tables is beyond the scope of this document, the remainder of this section should give you ample reminders regarding commonplace tasks. You are, however, encouraged to carefully review the privilege table documentation found in the MySQL manual (, as it’s easy to make a mistake when using this powerful feature.

To grant a user all privileges on all databases, use *.* in place of the database name.

Note:- Be sure to include the IDENTIFIED BY clause when creating new users! Neglecting to include this information results in a user being created without a required password.

Key SQL Tasks

While executing standard SQL statements is likely old hat for most users, it may be more difficult to recall the syntax pertinent to some of MySQL’s relatively new SQL features, namely Stored Routines, Views, and Triggers.

Stored Routines

MySQL collectively refers to stored procedures and stored functions as stored routines. Stored procedures are executed using the CALL statement, and can return values as MySQL variables, whereas stored functions can be called directly from within a MySQL like any other standard MySQL function.

In this section, a brief refresher is provided regarding managing what is arguably the more useful of the two, namely stored functions.

Creating a Stored Function
A stored function is created using the CREATE FUNCTION command. A simple example follows:

mysql>CREATE FUNCTION calculate_bonus
        ->(employee_id INTEGER) RETURNS DECIMAL(5,2)
        ->DECLARE article_count INTEGER;
        ->DECLARE bonus DECIMAL(10,2);
        ->SELECT count(id) AS article_count FROM articles
        ->WHERE author_id = employee_id;
        ->SET bonus = article_count * 10;
        ->RETURN bonus;

Once created you can call calculate_bonus() from within a query: mysql>SELECT name, phone, calculate_bonus(id) FROM authors;

Note:- Stored procedures and functions support complex logical syntax features, including conditionals and looping statements.

Altering a Stored Function

To modify an existing function, use the ALTER FUNCTION command:

mysql>ALTER FUNCTION calculate_bonus

Deleting a Stored Function
To delete a stored function, use the DROP FUNCTION command:

mysql>DROP FUNCTION calculate_bonus;


Views can greatly simplify the execution and management of an otherwise complex query by assigning an alias to it, allowing the developers to execute the query by its alias rather than repeatedly entering the query in its entirety.


Triggers are automatically activated in accordance with a specific table-related event. They are useful for automating table updates which should occur when another table is modified in some way.

Performing Backups

Performing regular backups is an essential part of even the smallest database project. Fortunately, MySQL makes this very easy by offering several backup solutions.

Copying Files

If your tables use the MyISAM storage engine, you can backup the database simply by copying the files used to store the tables and data. To do so, you’ll need to first execute the LOCK TABLES command (only a read lock is required), followed by FLUSH TABLES. Once executed, copy the files, and when the copy is complete, execute UNLOCK TABLES.

Creating Delimited Backups

To backup the table data in delimited format, use the SELECT INTO OUTFILE command. For instance, to backup the author’s table used in previous examples, execute:

mysql>SELECT * INTO OUTFILE 'authors090308.sql' FROM authors;

Using mysqldump

The mysqldump client is convenient because it supports creating backups of all databases using any MySQL storage engine, not to mention that it automatically takes care of important details such as locking the tables during the backup.

The mysqldump client supports an enormous number of options, and it’s recommended you take some time to review them in the MySQL manual, however, this section will give you enough to at least remind you of what’s required to perform a variety of different backups.

Backing Up a Specific Database

To backup a single database, just pass the database name to the mysqldump client, piping the output to a text file:

%>mysqldump [options] database_name > backup0903.sql

Of course, you’ll require proper permissions to execute mysqldump in conjunction with a specific database ( namely the SELECT and LOCK privileges), therefore you’ll typically also need to pass along your username and password. In this case, this command typically looks similar to:

%>mysqldump -u root -p database_name > backup0903.sql

Backing Up Specific Tables

To backup specific tables, you will need to identify the database, followed by each specific table name you’d like to backup:

%>mysqldump [options] database_name table_name [table_
name2...] > backupfile.sql

Backing Up All Databases

To backup all databases, pass the –all-databases option:

%>mysqldump [options] --all-databases > backupfile.sql

Using mysqlhotcopy

If all of your backup tables use the MyISAM storage engine, and you are able to log into the server where the tables are stored, the mysqlhotcopy might be the ideal solution due to its speed advantage.

To backup the codersera database to a directory located at/home/jason/backups using mysqlhotcopy, execute:

%>mysqlhotcopy -u root -p codersera /home/jason/backups

To copy multiple databases, just string each database name together:

%>mysqlhotcopy -u root -p codersera wjgilmore /home/jason/backups

Note:- MySQL’s replication features make it possible to maintain a consistently synchronized version of the live database. Replication is out of the scope of this reference card, but be sure to visit the MySQL documentation ( if replication is more suitable to your needs.

MySQL’s Date and Time Features

In addition to temporal data types, MySQL supports over 50 functions intended to facilitate the retrieval and manipulation of date-related data. Rather than exhaustively itemize these functions, it seems useful to instead offer a number of common examples that may help jumpstart your search for the appropriate approach to carry out date and time-related queries.

SQL, Lisp and Haskell are the only programming languages that i’ve seen where one spends more time thinking than typing.

– Philip Greenspun
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How To Keep Your Data Secure When You Have A Remote Team

how to secure your data when you have remote team

Building and managing a remote team is difficult. But it becomes more difficult when you have to keep your data secure from security breaches while working with an overseas team.

“It so happens that work which is likely to be our most durable monument, and to convey some knowledge of us to the most remote posterity, is a work of bare utility; not a shrine, not a fortress, not a palace, but a bridge.”

Montgomerry Schuyler

With technology companies and employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Tech makes us able to work remotely or even as a remote team, keep up-to-date with the office while traveling and to facilitate a great work/life balance. It makes your work-life easy but also poses a question about data security risks as well.

Remote Working Security Risks

There are many security risks in remote work like -Hacking or social engineering, Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware, etc. So while hiring a remote team, always remember to tell them to keep cautious about these securities risks. The security of the client information and the firm’s server are the biggest concern. So your security parameters should be very high and updated.

Hacking Or Social Engineering:

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information, which includes your passwords and bank information as well as giving them control over your computer. These attacks can be placed for Ransome or evading your best practices.

If a social engineer hacked one person’s email password and get access to that person’s contact list because most people use similar passwords everywhere, so the hacker can get easy access to all the sites, applications, contacts, and other useful information as well of that person.

These social engineering attacks look like an email from a friend or another trusted source and can contain a link to downloadable content. People generally don’t suspect their known contacts and get easily trapped by hackers.


Phishing is the most common and popular method to steal other’s credentials. It is a cybercrime in which attackers create as a legitimate institution to induce people for providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking, and credit card details and passwords.

Imagine a website that looks just like Facebook, where you log in, thinking it’s the real thing. Phishing is when an attacker creates a website that looks legitimate but isn’t.
Phishing is a subset of social engineering strategy that imitates a trusted source for creating a phoney source to hand you over login credentials or other sensitive personal data.

How it looks like:

  • It looks like a legitimate website with a different URL.
  • Present a problem that requires you to “verify” your information by clicking on the displayed link and providing information in their form.
  • Ask you to donate to their charitable fundraiser or some other cause.
  • Notify you that you’re a winner.
  • Asking for urgent help as being your friend or family.
  • Pose like a boss or coworker.

Remote developers often become an easy target for these attackers.

Malware And Ransomeware Attacks:

There a lot of malware over the internet. Some are harmless but some can be very dangerous. Malware tricks you into installing software that allows scammers to access your files and track what you are doing.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files and demands a ransom payment in order to give your access back. Ransomeware Encrypts all your important files and makes you pay for the decryption key. Viruses, malware, and ransomware all are a significant risk to your security. They can harm your computer, delete your files, and cost you a lot of money.

Apart from this, there are two more malware exists.

  • Spyware: Silently installs and records your keystrokes, screen, audio, and video.
  • Remote Administration Tools (RATs): Allow complete control over your computer.

We’ve discussed the most common attack methods, but how do you stay safe from them? I have some essential security tips:-

Security Tips For Remote Workers

Create A Complex Password:

Using a complex password is one of the easiest ways to protect your important data. You should instruct your team to use different passwords for different platforms and change their passwords regularly. If possible, you should revise your password policy in every few months and remind them to change passwords.

  • Use multi-factor authentication for creating a complex password.
  • Use alphanumeric with characters.
  • Require a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Check new passwords against a dictionary of known-bad choices.
  • Protect your most important accounts with a unique passphrase.

Apart from strong passwords, you can allow for Two-step verification which adds another layer of security to keep your data safe from password leaks, data breaches, and phishing attacks.

Secure Devices:

Probably, malware comes from the web or via mail and infect employee devices and systems. These security threats become the biggest challenge for working with a remote team because remote employees can be softly targeted by hackers.

There are some essential points that you should keep in mind while working with a remote team-

  • The best thing that can be done in order to avoid data leakage and security breaches, is to forbid employes to use the internet or use the email for personal purposes on their work devices.
  • If it is possible, you can own and provide all the necessary devices to remote employees as per your restrictions.
  • Make sure your remote employees keep their system and application update always.
  • Install Antivirus or Antimalware and update them before expiring. You can keep your data secure by providing security software to your remote team.
    You can develop malware protection with your IT team as well or can hire a cybersecurity firm to develop the system. It will help you to protect your data from hackers anywhere.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) platforms can help you to secure remote workers’ data and enforce the company’s security policies. This platform can remotely force data encryption, run malware scans, wiped data from stolen devices automatically, and more.
  • Cloud-based MDMs offer permission-based security to regulate remote access to employees for using their own devices in the office or remotely.

Use Cloud Service:

use cloud service

Cloud service is a backbone of remote companies because it allows your employees to work from different locations. Cloud service gives you easy to access platform for real-time collaboration and file sharing. A better cloud company provide you with a secure storage place and handle security risk as well. It will help you to protect your important data from viruses and hackers.

There are a ton of affordable cloud companies and applications that even smaller companies can take advantage of, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

All you need is strong passcodes to keep your cloud data safe and you will have safe virtual storage and working space.

Avoid Public WiFi:

The public internet is provided by an unknown server and your data security is not guaranteed. This network can be a medium of hackers as anyone can access it easily.
Make sure your remote employee should never use public Wi-Fi to send you any sensitive information because these networks are easy to break for attackers.
When you aren’t using a device, turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Secure Connection(VPN):

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is a way to secure remote connections to data and provide an extra security layer on free Wi-Fi hotspots. Always connect to a VPN so that internet traffic is encrypted, especially if connected to a public wifi network.

Your remote team members need to take precautions to keep their data safe when using public Wi-Fi networks. Many remote workers enjoy setting up shop in local coffee shops or restaurants to get out of the house once in a while. They have to make sure that they are using VPNs because it creates a secure network to another network over the internet.

Remote Working Security Policy 

Creating a security policy is one of the essential steps to prevent your data from attackers. You should make sure that your remote employees follow the policy rules because it will make their lives easy when it comes to protecting company data.
Cybersecurity training is as important as your client project. Your remote team should always be aware of the threats that can attack them anytime when they go online. Because Remote workers carry their devices at all times. They should avoid lending their smartphones or laptops to strangers or anyone.

There is some more basic precaution you can instruct your remote team’s employee.

  • Avoid opening spam and suspicious links.
  • limited their access or only related
  • Never represent your company in public
  • Avoid working on public places
  • Always shredded the paper or documents if any required.

Your remote employees should be realised that Data security or cybersecurity is the responsibility of an individual. One weak block will break the chain of security.

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Top 7 Vulnerabilities In Android Applications 2019

Android application vulnerabilities have become a problem because of Google Play’s open format, and also because users can sideload apps, removing any oversight regarding the safety of apps.

There are also updates and patches to the Android operating system. You can’t count on Android to update itself in a timely manner, because wireless carries control update schedules on all but Google’s Pixel devices.

Expert testing of Android mobile applications shows that in most cases, insecure data storage is the most common security flaw in android apps. According to a report, Vulnerabilities and Threats are slightly more common in Android applications, compared to iOS counterparts(43% vs 38%). But the experts categorize this difference as minimal: the security level of apps is roughly equivalent between the two platforms.

Comprehensive security checks of a mobile application include a search for vulnerabilities in the client and server, as well as data transmission between them.

There Are Two Aspects:-

Client-Side vulnerabilities

60% of vulnerabilities are on the client side

89% of vulnerabilities can be exploited without physical access

56% of vulnerabilities can be exploited without administrator rights

Insecure interprocess communication(IPC) is a common critical vulnerability allowing an attacker to remotely access data processed in a vulnerable mobile application.

Android provides Intent message objects as a way for application components to communicate with each other. If these messages are broadcasted, any sensitive data in them can be compromised by malware that has registered a BroadcastReceiver instance.

Developers should use LocalBroadcastManager to send and receive broadcast messages not intended for third-party applications.

Server-Side Vulnerabilities

Server-side components vulnerabilities both in application code and in the app protection mechanisms. The latter include flaws in the implementation of two-factor authentication. Let us consider one vulnerability our experts encountered in an application. If two identical requests are sent to the server one right after the other, with a minimal interval between them, One Time Passwords (OTP) are sent to the user’s device both as push notifications and via SMS to the linked Phone Number. The attacker can intercept SMS messages and impersonate the legitimate user, for instance, by cleaning out the user’s bank account.

It is not necessary to send one-time passwords twice in both SMS messages and push notifications. Instead, use the passwords twice in both SMS messages and push notifications. Instead, use the password delivery method selected by the user.

The average server-side component contains five code vulnerabilities and one configuration vulnerability. Configuration flaws include disclosure of sensitive information in error messages, fingerprinting in HTTP headers, and TRACE availability.

Top 7 vulnerabilities

It’s not logical to order the top seven list of vulnerabilities. These are encounter by either severity, impact, or prevalence, as these vulnerabilities found can cause problems for an organization in terms of data loss, sharing private information, or other areas ripe for exploitation by hackers. Here are the Top 7 vulnerabilities, and the solution for how to avoid them:-

1-Binary Protection:-

Insufficient Jailbreak / Root Detection. Rooting or jailbreaking a device circumvents data protection and encryption schemes on the system. When a device has been compromised, any form of malicious code can run on the device, which can significantly alter the intended behaviors of the application logic. Recovery and data forensic tools generally run on rooted devices as well.

With regards to security, it is best to not have the app run on rooted or jailbroken devices, or to at least do some form of root/jailbreak detection. Detecting whether a device has been compromised adds an extra layer of policy enforcement and risk mitigation to protect the data within the application from being exposed.

2- Insufficient Transport Layer Protection:-

Applications frequently fail to encrypt network traffic when it is necessary to protect sensitive communications. Encryption must be used for all authenticated connections, especially Internet-accessible web pages. Backend connections should be encrypted as well, or risk exposing an authentication or session token to malicious actors on the same network as the application host. These backend connections may represent a lower likelihood of exploitation than a connection over the external Internet; however, their impact in the case of exploitation can still result in a compromise of user accounts or worse.

Encryption should be used whenever sensitive data, such as credit card or health information, is transmitted. Applications that fall back to plaintext or otherwise be forced out of an encrypting mode can be abused by attackers.

Ensure the application has a security constraint that defines confidentiality and integrity-based secure transport guarantee. This will ensure that all data is sent in a manner that guarantees it cannot be observed or changed during transmission. If TLS must be terminated at a load balancer, web application firewall, or other in-line hosts, it should re-encrypt the data in transit to the target host(s).

3-Insufficient Authorization/Authentication:-

Insufficient Authorization results when an application does not perform adequate authorization checks to ensure that the user is performing a function or accessing data in a manner consistent with the security policy.

Authorization procedures should enforce what a user, service, or application is permitted to do. When a user is authenticated to a web site, it does not necessarily mean that the user should have full access to all content and functionality.

Enforce a proven authorization framework scheme that emphasizes policy-based configuration files over hard-coded authentication/authorization checks wherever possible.

4- Cryptography-Improper Certificate Validation:-

This application is either not validating SSL/TLS certificates or is utilizing an SSL/TLS certificate validation system that will not correctly verify that a trusted provider issued the certificate. The client should be configured to drop the connection if the certificate cannot be verified, or is not provided. Any data exchanged over a connection where the certificate has not properly been validated could be exposed to unauthorized access or modification.

Ensure that your application’s certificate validation is configured to correctly verify that certificate is provided, and from a trusted source like a reliable Certificate Authority. Or, code-in the latest certificate transparency standards approved by IETF or the CA/B Forum.

5- Brute Force – User Enumeration:-

There are numerous ways for an attacker to determine if a user exists in the system is; a brute force attack is a method to determine an unknown value bypassing an automated process to try a large number of possible values. The attack takes advantage of the fact that the entropy of the value is smaller than perceived.

For example, while an 8-character alphanumeric password can have 2.8 trillion possible values, many people will select their passwords from a much smaller subset consisting of common words and terms.

If error messages change when the username and/or password are submitted incorrectly, an attacker can determine the existence of a valid username/email address based on any differences in the error messages.

The user enumeration vulnerability typically occurs in the following functionality: Login, Registration,
or Forgot Password. The application should not reveal whether a username is valid. The response to valid and invalid input in either field should be completely identical.

For example, instead of “Sorry, your password is invalid”, a proper response might say: “Sorry, your username or password is incorrect. Please try again.”

6-Insufficient Session Expiration:-

After a user signs out of an application, the identifiers that were used during the session are supposed to be invalidated. If the server fails to invalidate the session identifiers, it is possible for other users to use those identifiers to impersonate that user and perform actions on his behalf.

First, it is a best practice to ensure a logout button is implemented in the application; and second, when the user clicks this button their session is properly invalidated.

7-Information Leakage- Application Cache:-

Sensitive data can be leaked from application caches, either through the main application code or via third-party frameworks. Mobile devices present a unique challenge with regards to secure data storage. The devices can be easily lost or stolen. Many users do not lock their devices. The cached data can be viewed by an attacker who is performing data forensics on the physical device.

Ensure the sensitive data is not accidentally leaked through the cache. Developers can prevent it by creating a threat model for OS, framework, and platform to check and verify the way data is handled during URL caching, keyboard press caching, logging, copy or paste caching, app background, browser cookies objects, HTML5 data storage and analytic data that is sent to the server or another app.

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AI bots: Must Have For Business In 2019

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence that is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that generally require human intelligence. A bot or “chatbot“, short for chat robot simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence.

A bot is a software that can respond back to user inputs, relying upon the input keywords. All such scenarios are only possible when there is some artificial intelligence in a software system that can prompt relevant business units when an event occurs.
So, AI can enable you to interact with a chatbot by using interface, and avail services ranging from everyday practical tasks to entertainment.

AI Bots: A Few Facts

  • There is a lot of talk about AI ( Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning and Bots, and what effect they could have on companies. Let’s take a crash course on these important topics and separate the “hype from fact“.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that generally require human intelligence. AI has some success in limited or simplified domains.

  • Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data.

  • A bot or “chatbot”, short for chat robot, is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence.

Types Of Bots

Bots increase their disruptive potential if they provide value in several ways but without confusing Users we are representing the categories. Each one represents a hypothesis on how the use of the messaging canvas could disrupt traditional offerings. A lot of people are betting their hats on these implicit assumptions.


Some bots communicate with other users of internet-based services, via instant messaging (IM), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), or another web interface such as Facebook Bots and Twitterbots. These chatterbots allow people to ask questions in plain English and then formulate a proper response. These bots can often handle many tasks, including reporting weather, zip code information, sports scores, converting currency or other units, etc others are used to entertainment, such as SmarterChild and AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Social Bots

A type of bot on a social media network used to automatically generate messages, advocate ideas, act as a follower of users. It is estimated that 9 – 15% of Twitter accounts may be social bots.

Twitter bots are a well-known example of how fake social media accounts influence popular culture, politics and can create convincing online personas capable of influencing real people. Social bots are very similar to spambots in how they can infiltrate groups of people and be used to propagate specific ideas since social media bots can produce messages automatically.

Commercial Bots

Commercial bots: When bots mean business. The majority of traffic visits your website with various types of threats – hacking, account takeovers and content theft among them but they can also hide unexpected business opportunities.

A large category of bots can potentially be transformed into paying customers. This whitepaper from DataDome reveals how you can protect your users, infrastructure and your business, and generate new revenue with the same tool.

Malicious bots

A malicious use of bots is the coordination and operation of an automated attack on network computers, such as a Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack by a botnet. Internet bots can also be used to commit click fraud and more recently have seen usage around MMORPG games as computer game bots.

A spambot is an internet bot that attempts to spam a large amount of content on the internet, usually adding advertising links. More than 94% of websites have experienced a bot attack.

Helpful Bots

Companies and customers can benefit from internet bots. Internet bots are allowing customers to communicate with companies without having to communicate with a person. Dutch Airlines has produced a chatbot that allows customers to receive boarding passes, check-in reminders, and other information that is needed for a flight company to have made chatbots have been developed.

Chatbots are used on a daily basis. Google Assistant and Siri are considered forms of chatbots. Google Assistant and Siri allow people to ask questions and get a response using the AI system. These advanced technologies are positively benefitting people’s daily lives.

Why AI Bots Are Important For Business?

Bots and machines are getting smarter day by day and can automate fairly boring and repetitive tasks. As bots get smarter the tasks can become increasingly more difficult and the bots will learn to do harder and more complex work.

A good example of this is letter sorting in the post office. For many years letters were sorted by hand, but computers developed and were used to ‘read’ the writing on letters, making it thousand of times faster to process mail. There are many similar innovations that we take for granted today.

  • If you have ever used Siri or Google Voice on your phone, then that is the result of hundreds of hours of programming allowing a computer to understand human speech and behavior, giving you back the most relevant answer.

  • Have you ever wondered how Amazon can ‘predict’ what you want to buy when you go shopping online? They are using a complicated AI recommendation engine.

  • Have you had your card blocked when you go abroad? Visa and MasterCard use AI to recognize patterns out of the ordinary and try to detect when there is a break in the normal pattern.

Bots- “That Are Running on The Internet”

The internet is not run by humans, but by robots. According to research, bots account for 52% of all web traffic. The survey, which took into account almost 17 billion website visits ranging over roughly 100,000 domains, concluded that the bots have officially taken over the internet. So what exactly are the most prominent helper bots out there and what do they do?

1-Web Crawlers or Spiders

Also known as spider bots, these friendly and hardworking bots relentlessly roam the web for our convenience. Whenever a user turns to a search engine employs. For example, Google relies on its very own crawler software, known as Googlebot. What these spiders do is browse web pages and index them, so that search engines can know what is in them and return accurate results to user queries.

Search engines typically have numerous spiders at large simultaneously, Crawling from one page to another and fetching content, so that they can generate a lot of feedback at the same time that will inform their ranking of websites in the search results they yield. What they do with the information they receive is to build a large searchable index database, listing the words they encounter according to the respective algorithm. For example, when Googlebot crawls a specific website, it both looks for all significant words and take note of where on a page the words were found.

2- Web Scraping Crawlers

These bots are essentially crawlers, but they are used for a fundamentally different function. Instead of helping with indexing, web crawlers in these cases assist in data scraping or data harvesting, which includes fetching content throw crawling, adding it to a database, and then later extracting relevant bits of information for analysis. Although this process may sound a bit straightforward, it is actually extremely complicated and IT professionals are constantly developing new techniques and uses for data scraping. Web scraping software can be manipulated to look for specific content in specific places within a website, according to the purposes and goals of the developer who employs it.

And the uses of data scrapping are countless: most importantly, it can be used to compare things, like product features, product reviews or pics fluctuations- so it is very helpful for a lot of consumer-oriented software and apps. It can also be used in weather monitoring, compiling a list of contact details from different websites, building “trending topics” lists and so on. In that respect, web scrapping bots can be useful to a wide range of people, from web developers to academic researchers to advertising professionals. Most importantly, even less tech-savvy users benefit from the use of crawlers, even if they don’t employee them personally, as much of the information they consume online has been gathered through them.

3- Text-reading algorithm

Bots produce perhaps the most amazing results when they are employed to execute tasks that the human brain can accomplish too- but the speed, the volume and the accuracy of the bot is no match for its human counterpart. This is precisely the case with text-reading bots- elaborated algorithms that can browse text and analyze it according to specific keywords and their frequency within the text. Text-reading bots are for example employed to filter comments in social media or online news outlets, in order to flag and exclude specific types of comments.

Sometimes, the text-reading algorithm are taken one step further. Google Translate is such example, a user can point out their smartphone or tablet camera at foreign language text, and then get a translation of it on their screen. This approach combines OCR, text reading and translation algorithms to create meaningful output for the user. Algorithms and bots can be programmed to perform certain actions if they find a specific string of text in the text they read and this approach gets more sophisticated with time. One development sees traders use trading use robots which are programmed to make transactions depending on variations in keywords in specific news and market reports or even on lack of specific keywords.

4- Chatbots

Chatbots, also known as chatterbots or talkbots, are among the “good” bots out there, that are the most recognizable by regular users- simply because they can realize when they interact with them. Chatbots are algorithms programmed to simulate a human interlocutor in order to conduct a conversation with their capabilities tailored to the specific type of conversation for which they are employed. In that sense, chatbots normally pass the Turing test.

Nowadays, Chatbot technology is widely used in virtual assistant software, which is on the rise and expected to evolve even more in the next few years. Think Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Some specialized chatbots can take it to the next level, such as DONotPay- which is described as a “robot lawyer”.

5- Video Game Bots

The Internet is not only about information and transactions. It is about entertainment, too, This last type of bots is all about helping with having fun and making sure that games can get the best experience possible but they are also slightly misunderstood. Game bots are AI software algorithms that can interact with a video game and take the place of a human player.

Although they have lately developed a bad reputation as they often abused by gamers in massively multiplayer online role-playing games to outsource boring, repetitive tasks such as “farming” or to accumulate experience without the player actually earning it, games bots are vital for the gaming experience when they are used as intended.

Just a few decades ago, when the internet came into existence, little could we imagine the size and versatility the world wide web would develop in such a short period of time, the internet nowadays can feel like an abyss that is impossible to navigate and this is precisely why AI bots are developed. Possessing the capacity to process information in a speed impossible for the human brain, these programmed algorithms now form an integral part of any surfing experience.

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Remote Woman- Work as a female remote developer

A developer or programmer is not all about male or female. It is the choice of the person, which profession he/she wants. Do you guys ever think why the ratio of female developers is always less than the male developer?

In every organization, there is only 10 percent of female developers working. And more than 50% of women love to work from home as remote developers.


I gone met someone really amazing person, Miss Jenny Walter.

She worked as a remote developer in many companies. In the starting of her career as a developer, she faced difficulties, as her father was a senior developer. So, she builds herself. She aimed that she will be a developer like her father and he also supports her and teach her the different programming languages. The most difficult time she faced was her first interview, but she cleared it.

Girls in tech 🤷‍♀️

Sounds cool right? Let me tell the current position of the female remote developer. Nowadays there is increasing the number of remote female developers in the companies. According to a study, women now make up more than half of new computer science graduates and junior developers entering is the workforce.

Codersera’s online survey, which was conducted in the fall, involved more than 15,000 professional software developers, and nearly 3,000 of them are women. This despite the fact that the number of female software developers is growing, but still face major setbacks. Like they are at small positions, those who are over 30 are holding junior positions, which are equally capable as their male colleagues.

Although, they’re expert in JAVA, JavaScript, Python, etc. programming languages as well as in back-end, front-end, and stack developers. You can see that the trends are now that more women are getting into CS programs.

No doubt this will increase more by time with the same salary package of male and female developers. As well as it’s showing the sign of improvement in the diversity problem when it comes to the number of female software developers. But still a long journey ahead.

The most compatible area where females are also progressing and work according to terms is remote working, and now there are more and more female remote developers who work from home in any company without their location.

Female Remote developers

Remote working is like a key to living the dreams again for women. There are many women who left their dreams of developer for some family or other problems. There are many companies like Codersera who takes the step and hire female developers.

Dreams are not stopped for any reason, it can be live if we are passionate towards it.

I have started my career as a developer at the 25 in the company but after a few months I left the job and start do remote working for the better experience, where I work with different companies, but I found something, that there are many companies who are demanding male developers rather than female developers. Yet there are some companies who provide female developer jobs. In this journey of coding, I have met many female developers who are on the top, but the rank is still down.

So I suppose to build my own team of only female remote developer. I started to take the projects and hire the top female candidates in my team with the help of Codersera, and I really found a large number of female developers.

Jenny Walter

The gender gap in the tech industry

The gender gap in tech is a much-discussed topic and also an important one. The different surveys show that 80% of IT patents were filed by the only male engineering teams, contrasting with only 20% by the female candidate.

Working as female remote developers, women prove that female developers were rated as having consistently better coder as male.

However, there is a positive increase in female developers ratio who learn to code and be a successful developer. Women nowadays are setting up startup companies to present themselves to the world of technology especially for women who code. Some tech companies had gender issues regarding developers like women are not so flexible with working hours and this happens with almost every company because female have to take care of their families and loved one.

female developers

For a mother, it is to work in the office and sometimes it like they have to quit their career for their families. But in the era of remote working there so many professions as well as the profession like a developer. There are many females who continue their career as a remote developer and work from home by taking care of their child and family.

Codersera provides such a platform to the females who are passionate and work to develop themselves. You can apply as a coder also if you what to start your startup company and hire some top coders you can do that.

The gender inequality in Organizations

Many companies have discrimination with female employees like:

  • For salary

Having the same potential but different salary package! don’t you think it is the discrimination between gender as well as talent? Females are paid less than male candidates in some companies but the working hour and workload are the same as men.

  • For project work

Discrimination with project work, not all but few companies are still there who believe that male candidates are much better to handle the project than women candidates, who are just assigned as helping hand in the projects.

  • Promotion

Promotion is based on the working abilities of the candidate, but some organization promotes men to higher position and women under them.

Benefits of Working Remotely

Be your own boss!

Remote working benefits women who want to be at home and work as well as take care of their families can start their career by remote working in any profession. Sometimes female love to work from home because of harassment, be a mother, or to explore the world by working in different companies in different countries.

In the survey, it comes that:

  • 55% of women in the tech industry leave their jobs in mid.
  • 50% of females say being a working mother made it difficult for them to work.
  • and 30% of women left the tech industry because of health issue and office atmosphere.

There are so many girls from tech background who want to be a developer, and in this era of freelancing and remote working, it is a really good direction for them.

  • work anywhere without relocating:

    Remote working gives a big opportunity to the girls who are from small cities to work. It is also very beneficial for the female candidates to grab such a job without relocating themselves as well as for the organization to work with such talent.

  • To start your career:

    Remote working gives a chance to start or restart your career as a developer. There are many females who are not able working after marriage or being a mother it is difficult to leave her child alone, so how could you start your career again? The best answer is, with remote working, it is possible to work from home and take care of your loved ones.

  • Enhance their career with the most reputable companies:

    Work as a remote developer give the female candidates the opportunity to boost their career in the tech industry. They get the chance to work in the best companies where they want.

  • Flexible work hours

    Remote working provides flexible working hours. As well as they give the freedom to work from anywhere like a park, coffee shop, etc.

And reports say, that female developer and male developers both are comparatively best in their own working areas.

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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A Digital Nomad – sounds fancy! Right? Well, it’s definitely a fancy word to use for a freelancer. The digital nomad lifestyle implies that you can mix travel with work and clock in from anywhere in the world. Nowadays a hashtag trending on Instagram #DigitalNomad with the pictures of people work on their laptops in beautiful serene places.

For some, a year of travel and freedom just isn’t enough. These people want to spend their lives exploring the world while working when and where they want to and making their passion, their work.

It’s not just a wistful want, where they talk about it, spout travel quotes, read 4-hour Workweek and then come back off their lunch hour to be in free space. They’ve used their skills, qualifications, and passions to engineer their life to suit them.

For them, it’s not about getting a job and living life around that like everyone else. Its living life and creating or finding a job to fit them they are called “Digital Nomads“.

Living As A Digital Nomad

There are WordPress developers, Start-up directors, Amazon shop owners, UX Designers, Inventors, Travel Bloggers and no doubt another few hundred trades. All with different skillsets, interests, stories, and life histories but all with the same passion for somehow making their life pan out differently from the School-Uni-Work / 9-5 society.

As digital nomads, they can combine their work and indulge in their hobbies, spare time interests too. Some locate themselves in destinations specifically for surfing, for kitesurfing, for the beaches, the sun, the city, the festivals, the lifestyle, the culture- wherever it is that allows them to work alongside their idea of fun.

Sounds like a pretty sweet life, But it’s not that easy how its sounds. To be a digital nomad you need endless self-motivation. There is no one to check whether you were in at work at the right time, or how long it took you to finish your lunch. You do the work because you want to. For some, you need to be able to adapt quickly to change and try to stay one step ahead of your peers. You need to understand when to work as a team, and when not; you need to know when to roll with an idea, and when to realize you really don’t know what you are talking about.

If you want to be a digital nomad who works for yourself I’d also recommend you have the wheels in motion before you leave your current job or education. If you don’t, try to find a job that will enable you to work remotely, or even spot a gap and create one in your current company.

It’s not a good idea to leave security to become a digital nomad. You need to have another skill, trade, idea or income source to make the digital nomad part the lifestyle rather than the focus.

Digital Nomads Tips

Becoming a digital nomad is not an easy transition by any means. It’s a lot of work; don’t believe otherwise. No one is telling you what to do it- you have complete freedom to manage your time. This can work in your favor or against you.

Some days you wake up feeling super motivated and smash out a lot of work. Other days you lounge about in your apartment, avoiding working at all costs and telling yourself you can make up for the lost time tomorrow. The only problem with this is if you don’t stay on top of things you will quickly run out of money.

If you dread waking up on a Monday knowing you have another full week of working at a job you hate, then honestly, why work there? Maybe you feel that you are in this cycle of having to work in order to pay for your student loan, apartment, car, and general lifestyle. But instead of saving money or time to do this, then read on for the basic step to becoming a digital nomad.

If you have ever had thought of quitting your job and traveling but couldn’t because you didn’t have enough money or time to do it, then read on for the basic step to becoming a digital nomad.

  • Firstly start saving your money. Figure out how long you think you’d like to invest in becoming a digital nomad. Start budgeting where your money really goes every month, and save as much as you can.

  • While you are saving, do some serious research on where you’d like to travel. Start with the Nomad list. It’s a useful site I use from time to time when trying to figure out where to go next. This website provides you with a list of the best cities to live and work in as a nomad. It covers the overall costs of living, Internet speeds, weather, how many nomads are currently there, etc.

  • Buy a plane ticket. if you really are committed to trying out this lifestyle then just go for it, pack your bag and don’t overthink it. The rest will fall into place. If you are really passionate about working online then you will find something, so just pick a place that ticks all your boxes and go for it.

  • Think about what you’d like to do abroad. How would you like to make an income? Find something you might be interested in. Or maybe you already have skills such as Android development, editing, designing, or even working as a personal assistant. Play around with ideas and brainstorm a few you may like to peruse abroad.

  • Minimalize your possessions. If you really want to go the digital nomad route, then you won’t need your possessions at home, like your car, tv, etc. Sell what you can and put the rest in storage.

  • Once you have completed the above, then it will eventually be time to leave your company. If you have the possibility of taking your current job abroad, then ask your boss.

  • Before you head out, make sure you have the necessary electronics with you. You will be spending 90% of your time on the computer, so invest in a new one if need be, and make sure you have adequate chargers, USB, etc.

  • Remember it takes time, don’t be deterred by being the new guy; each digital nomad started at the same place you are in right now. It may seem like are not making any money, or are not good at what you are doing, but don’t let this bring you down. Nothing is going to happen overnight; the biggest thing is for you to keep going, even when things seem hopeless.

Digital Nomad Jobs

Finding a digital nomad job might seem impossible to some people. Maybe you think that only the “chosen ones” get to work and enjoy getting to know new places at the same time.

However, if you are determined and know where to look for remote jobs, it’s definitely feasible and even surprisingly easy for some people.

The list of profession jobs that can be done remotely and therefore are compatible with the digital nomad lifestyle is getting bigger and bigger every year, which is a definite advantage for everyone who wants to try it out.

Digital Nomad Jobs/ Professions that can be done remotely:-

Can’t figure out what to do remotely while living like a true digital nomad? Hopefully, the next section of this article will help you find something that you are good at, enjoy doing and can do remotely.

  • Copywriting and writing
    As you can imagine, a freelance copywriter can communicate with clients online, therefore, work basically from anywhere, as long there is an active Internet connection.
    If you think you can write well, be sure to try it out. And if you don’t want to create only marketing texts, feel free to branch out of copywriting to general writing that can cover an endless spectrum of topics and style, as long as you find the right customers.

  • Taking Online Surveys
    Another very easy way how to start your digital nomad life, On websites, you can get paid for sharing your opinions and testing various products or projects to help brands with their customer research.
    All you need is to register and build-up your profile. Once it’s done you gonna start receiving surveys that match your knowledge, hobbies or products & services you usually use.

  • Social Media Manager
    Big companies have their own social media managers or hire online marketing agencies to manage their social media.
    However smaller companies often hire freelance social media managers that take care of their accounts and help them grow.

  • Affiliate Marketing
    This is technically not a job, but it’s something that can make you location independent. Start your own websites or blog and promote other people’s products or services that you believe in. You will receive a percentage of sales made to people that came to their websites through your affiliate link.

  • Illustrating and graphic design
    Have you always been good at drawing? Maybe it’s time to turn your skill into a career. Use social media to promote your work or previous drawings and you might find some commissioned work that will mark the beginning of your freelance career.

  • Programming
    Programmers can work remotely too! There are countless remote programming jobs opening every day. There are even websites dedicated specifically to remote programming jobs. If you are a programmer or want to become one it’s a great opportunity to become location independent.

  • Blogging
    Are you great at writing but don’t want to write for other people? Write for yourself! Create a blog and write about stuff you care about. Who knows, it might become a career one day, making you able to become a digital nomad. You can blog from anywhere, can’t you?

Why People Fail In The Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

The digital nomad lifestyle certainly has a lot to conceivably offer. When life is good, it can be exceptional. It’s easy to have a tint of rose color in your sunglasses when you are working from the beach in Bali. What could go wrong?

  • Leaving Without A Plan
    People tend to get really excited when they hear about the great advantage of a “digital nomad” lifestyle. It sounds so easy! Seemly everyone can simply pack their bags, move to a digital nomad hub and everything else will fall into place.
    In the beginning, it might be great to just hang around with like-minded people for a while and relax the day away. But after a few weeks, they realize that they need to generate income somehow. But it is not as easy as they thought it would be. They start to struggle with this lifestyle.

  • Lack Of Funds
    The first reason people failed in the location independent lifestyle is related to money. Without money, there is not much else to discuss.
    So, before you quit your job or buy a plane ticket, make sure you have a steady job or reliable way to fund your life and travels for at least the next 6 months up to a year.

  • Culture Difference and inflexibility
    Few people discuss the considerable energy required to set up a business abroad, or one that can serve your needs across borders, Many digital nomads learn the hard way that their time can be sucked up by paperwork and red tape on the operational side of their business.
    Then there is the personal side of life as an outsider. Some cultural differences that seem endearing while on vacation can become burdensome while living abroad long- term.

  • Loneliness
    While it’s possible to feel lonely even if you are married with kids in a comfortable job with all the boxes of the dream checked, loneliness is one of the most commonly discussed downsides to the digital nomad lifestyle.
    Working alone in advancing your online career or business coupled with living in a foreign country thousands of miles from home can be particularly isolating. Issues concerning loneliness extend to all relationships: friends, family, and partners.
    While it can be easy to meet people while traveling, it can also be hard to say good-bye. The transience of the digital nomad lifestyle is a factor to keep in mind.

  • Leave without enough information
    If you don’t have enough information about this lifestyle, you might end up hating it. Maybe you have expected the wrong things from it. Maybe you thought you can quickly get rich with this lifestyle. But the reality looks different.
    Often people have no idea about the legal part either. They don’t organize a visa in advance when they should. They don’t get working permission when it’s necessary. They don’t get a bank account with good conditions for long-term travelers.